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The Governing Body

Head Teacher

Mrs Joanne Smith

Staff Governors

Mrs F. Marshall

Parent Governors

Mr Z. Badak

LA Governors

Mrs Fran Duncan

Community Governors

Mrs Y. Issa
Mr I. Mawson
Mrs A. Reid

Mrs H. Chapman

Mrs S. Singh

Mr Tazambal Ali
Mrs Rebecca Walters

Co Chair: Mr I. Mawson
Co Chair: Mrs Rebecca Walters

Trust Governors: Mr I. Mawson and Mrs R. Walters

Current Full Governors = 11
Max Full Governors = 13
Current Vacancies = 2

Our governors support our school to help us do our best to improve the children’s learning. They agree the budget for staffing, visit classes and challenge the school’s senior leadership team so we know we are making the best decisions for your children. If you are interested in becoming a governor, please come in and discuss the role with Mrs Smith.

Governing Body Membership Type Appointed By Start End Attendance 2017/18
Joanne Smith Head Ex Officio
Fran Duncan LA Governing Body 01/09/14 31/08/18 5 of 6
Yasmeen Issa Co Opted Governing Body 01/09/14 31/08/18 3 of 6
Fiona Marshall Staff Governing Body 01/09/14 31/08/18 4 of 6
Alison Reid Co Opted Governing Body 01/09/14 08/07/19 1 of 1
Helen Chapman Co Opted Governing Body 09/07/15 31/08/18 3 of 5
Mr Tazambal Ali Co Opted Governing Body 02/12/15 31/11/19
Ian Mawson Foundation Trust 01/09/14 31/08/18 7 of 9
Rebecca Walters Foundation Trust 01/09/14 31/08/18 8 of 9
Zeynel Badak Parent Elected 01/09/14 31/08/18 5 of 6
Mrs S. Singh
Co Opted
Governing Body 01/09/16 28/08/19
Dawn Camp Observer
Full Governing Body Finance & Resources Academic / Staffing Performance Management Safer Rec Trained Governor Responsibility
Dates 2016-17
Z Badak X Vice Chair Maths
Helen White X X
Joanne Smith X X X
Fran Duncan Chair Pupil Premium
Yasmeen Issa Chair X Finance
Fiona Marshall X
Ian Mawson Joint Chair of Governors X X X Safer Recruitment
Susan Singh X  x SEND
Rebecca Walters Joint Chair of Governors X X X  x Co Chair / EYFS
Alison Reid Vice Chair English/P4C

2015-2016 – Full GB details for website#2

201509 – FGB Pecuniary Int Form (for website)


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