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Year 5/6

Academic Year 2016_17

Year 6s have taken part in the Young Readers Event, they built dens to read in and acted out scenes from their favourite books.

The Year 6s have been working with the Royal Shakespeare Company, this afternoon they performed the Tempest with our fellow Co-operative Trust Schools

Our Summer Topic is Hola Mexico!

In Science we will study Earth and Space; Evolution and Inheritance

In Computing we will learn how to Blog

In Geography we will study Mexico

In History we will study the Mayan Civilisation

In Art we will be making Sculptures

In DT we will be doing 3D modelling and designing different food and drinks

In Music we will be learning how to read notes and appreciate listening to music

In RE we will think about the Journey of Life

In PSHE we will investigate Fair trade and the Finance Community

In PE we will do Cricket, Orienteering, Tennis and Athletics

In French we will learn songs and rhymes, speak in sentences and understand stories

Y6 Reading Trail, free books as rewards 🙂

Y5 have visited Tees Valley Music’s Sound Pod. Find a video of their music on our Facebook page!

Here are some pictures.

Thursday 2nd March was World Book Day. Every child went home with a free book.


Fun on Pancake Day!

Spring Term Curriculum

We are studying The Tempest and then Merlin


Listen to the first episode to help you with the story



In Science we will learn about Forces. Pushing, pulling, leavers, pulleys, gravity, air and water resistance.

In Geography we will be locating countries and cities on World Maps

In History we will be studying the settlement of Anglo Saxons and Scots

In Art we will be studying John William Waterhouse linked to The Tempest. Horse and body parts – realism. Sketching of machines (link to Science). 

In DT we will be designing and making bridges

In IT we will investigate Tessellation. Studying an artist –Bridget Riley.

In Music Y5 will learn to play ukulele. We play and perform with voices and musical instruments. Concentrating on Pitch.

In RE we will look at Sikhism and Christianity. Similarities and differences between codes for living.

In PE we will be Netball and Handball – playing competitive games.

In French we will learn the vocabulary to describe people, places, things and actions. Appreciate stories in French.

In PSHE we will learn about Harmful substances. Caring about others.

This term Mrs Pendlington’s class is working with Middlesbrough Football Club to learn about keeping themselves healthy. Our MP Mr Andy McDonald came to see what we were doing and brought lots of other visitors too!

MFC Foundation at Breckon Hill Primary School hosting a visit from Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald.
20/01/17 Pic Doug Moody Photography

Autumn Term Curriculum

We are studying The Egyptians

In Science we will learn about Electricity Circuits, Light, Shadows, How light travels.

In Geography we will be studying map work and geographical features linked to Egypt.  Settlements and Tourist guides.

In History we will be studying the Pharoahs- Tutankhamun. Egyptian Gods. Mummification and Cleopatra.

In Art we will be investigating Ancient Egyptian headwear. Making fabric cards and using hieroglyphics to create a cartouche

In DT we will be using clay to make Ancient Egyptian jars/containers. Making bread Egyptian style and creating a shadow puppet theatre.

In IT we will design and make a game. Use variety of software. Learn how to Debug our programmes

In Music Y5 will learn to play ukulele. We will sing and learn rhythmic singing games.

In RE we will look at religious ceremonies.

In PE we will be dancing, playing dodgeball and football. Doing gymnastics and swimming

In French we will be revising Basic skills. Numbers, colours, classrooms objects, greetings, family, food. Then we will develop simple written phrases.

In PSHE we will  ask the question ‘Was it right or wrong to open Tutankhamun’s tomb?’ and looking at  Life after Death in relation to Ancient Egypt


As part of our careers development programme we had the visit of two ladies from Chemoxy to explain the jobs we could do in the future and talk about the skills we need to develop as good employees.

breckon-hill-careeers-8-nov-16-010 breckon-hill-careeers-8-nov-16-011

img_3296  Year 6 are working with Middlesbrough Football Club on healthy living and keeping fit

Y6 Writing Trip to Edinburgh

The children left this morning, really excited, notebooks in hand, packed lunches on their backs and caps on heads ready to hit the road for Scotland!

Lunch in the park

img-20161006-wa0001 img-20161006-wa0002 img-20161006-wa0003 img-20161006-wa0004 img-20161006-wa0005 img-20161006-wa0007

We visited the Castle and the museum

img-20161006-wa0009 img-20161006-wa0010 img-20161006-wa0012 img-20161006-wa0013 img-20161006-wa0014 img-20161006-wa0015  img-20161006-wa0017img-20161006-wa0021img-20161006-wa0011

img-20161006-wa0019 img-20161006-wa0020 img-20161006-wa0022 img-20161006-wa0023 img-20161006-wa0024 img-20161006-wa0029img-20161006-wa0030img-20161006-wa0027 img-20161006-wa0025 img-20161006-wa0031 img-20161006-wa0032 img-20161006-wa0033 img-20161006-wa0034img-20161006-wa0035img-20161006-wa0036img-20161006-wa0037img-20161006-wa0038img-20161006-wa0039img-20161006-wa0040

Time to run off some energy!


img-20161006-wa0041 img-20161006-wa0042img-20161006-wa0043img-20161006-wa0044

So proud! We have just been told how polite our children are. They were all brilliant in the restaurant. Very happy staff. 😊 img-20161006-wa0045

Then we need to eat and get more energy for the ghost walk !


And so to bed, behaviour has been fantastic, well done on a great day everybody!img-20161006-wa0062img-20161006-wa0058img-20161006-wa0051img-20161006-wa0053img-20161006-wa0054img-20161006-wa0055img-20161006-wa0056img-20161006-wa0057

Up bright and early for another exciting day in Edinburgh! Excellent praise from the hotel staff who said the children were a pleasure to have 🙂

img_3844 img_3843 img_3842 img_3841 img_3840 img_3839 img_3838 img_3837 img_3836 and then off on the Horrible Histories bus tour img-20161007-wa0012 img-20161007-wa0013 img-20161007-wa0014 img-20161007-wa0015 img-20161007-wa0016 img-20161007-wa0018 img-20161007-wa0019 img-20161007-wa0020 img-20161007-wa0021

Lunchtime before a visit to the National Museum of Scotland

img-20161007-wa0023 img-20161007-wa0024 img-20161007-wa0025 img-20161007-wa0026 img-20161007-wa00271 img-20161007-wa0028 img-20161007-wa0030 img-20161007-wa0032 img-20161007-wa0033img-20161007-wa0036img-20161007-wa0042img-20161007-wa0040img-20161007-wa0045img-20161007-wa0037img-20161007-wa0038img-20161007-wa0039img-20161007-wa0041img-20161007-wa0043img-20161007-wa0044

Academic Year 2015_16


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