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Year 3/4

School Year 2016_17

Our summer topic is Mighty Metals

In Science we will learn about Electricity and Forces (magnets)

In Computing and Music we will design music using IT software

In Geography we will look at the physical characteristics of our local area it’s land use and how that has changed over the years

In Art we will be designing sculptures and studying the local artist Mackenzie Thorpe

In DT we will design a finished product – plates and make fair ground games

IN PSHE we will look at belonging & fitting in, developing our empathy

In PE we will do Orienteering, Cricket, Handball and Athletics

In French we will learn how to tell the time, describe objects and name food & clothing

In History we will be studying our local area, here are our photos of our visit to Dorman Museum

In RE we will look at how different communities practise their faith, here are the photos of when we visited St John’s Church


For Red Nose Day we came in our pjs and had a mass tooth brushing session!



Thursday 2nd March was our World Book day celebrations. Every child went hone with a free book.

Fun on Pancake Day!

Spring Term Curriculum

For the first 3 weeks we will learn about William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’

Listen to this from BBC schools radio!



Then our topic is Scrumdiddlyumptious!

We will learn:-

  • In Geography we will plan routes to Stratford-upon-Avon using maps and learn about the origins of different food
  • In History we will learn about Shakespeare’s life
  • In Art we will sketch different characters and create storm scenes
  • In DT we will design and make boats and then sweets
  • In Music we will use drums and singing to compose storm music
  • In RE we will discuss how we can decide between right and wrong
  • In PSHE we will learn about rights and wrongs in relationships
  • In French we will learn the names of animals and how to tell the time
  • In PE we will play hockey, tag rugby, netball and tennis
  • In IT we will learn how to research our topics using search engines
  • In Science we will learn about Light, Teeth and Plants

Autumn Term Curriculum

We are studying Romans. We will learn:-

  • To read and write Roman Numerals
  • To research Roman life,  know about its empire and how it affected us in Britain
  • Make shields and swords and act out a Roman battle
  • Make Roman jewellery, mosaics and learn about Roman home life
  • We will also learn about foods, dates and writing our own verse of Frere Jacque in French
  • Play competitive games and do gymnastics in PE
  • In IT we will learn how to debug a programme
  • In science we will be investigating sound

Year 3 are joining schools across the country to take part in the Edina Bulb project. Here is their first blog:-

We have planted 20 bulbs in our flower beds at the back of the school.  We have planted our daffodil and crocus bulbs in pots at the front of the school.  We are comparing the temperature in both areas.
We are looking forward to see what happens!

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Our Year 4 Trip to Whitby!

We caught the train from Middlesbrough          Then ate our fish and chips in the sun!



It’s a long walk to the Youth Hostel             We were happy to get

at the top of the 199 steps!                           to the top at Caedman’s cross               Full tummies after a lovely supper!

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Beautiful weather for exploring (and eating ice-cream!)

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