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Year 1/2

School Year 2016_17

Our Summer topic is Paws, Claws and Whiskers!

In Science we will be studying living things and the human body. We will be sorting and classifying and performing simple scientific tests

In Computing we will learn how to research our information, carry out some word processing and use imagery

In Geography we will compare the UK to Africa and learn how to locate the 7 continents and 5 oceans

In History we will study the Great Fire of London and the diarist Samuel Pepys

In Art we will  make sculptures, do some printing and make collages

In DT we will design and make a zoo

In Music we will listen to and understand live and recorded music. Experiment with our own sounds, combine and create music

In RE we will look at Symbols. Find out why and how special places and symbols show what they believe?

In PSHE we will learn how to cope with loss (linked to pets)

In PE we will practise and design our dances

For Red Nose Day we came in our pjs and brushed our teeth!

March 2nd was our World Book Day. All the children went home with a free book.

Fun on Pancake Day!

Spring Term Curriculum

We are learning about Shakespeare’s Tempest for the first 3 weeks, this will give us some of our areas such as art, history and geography

Click on this link to listen to the Tempest, it’s a GREAT story! 



Our Topic is Muck, Mess and Mixtures!!

In Science we will learn about Materials, Light and Sound

Here are some photographs of the children in Y1 testing their boats to see if they float/ sink. Last week they tested a range of materials and decided on which material they wanted to use to make their boat. We looked at floating/ sinking and waterproof/ not waterproof. The three materials they decided to use across the class were foil, polystyrene and lolly sticks. Today they made their boats and tested them.

In Geography we will be studying capital cities of the World and the seas around the UK, also changing weather across the world

In History we will learn about William Shakespeare

In Art we will be making sculptures

In DT we will be making sculptures out of food and designing/building rafts

In IT we will be learning about control technology and how to make things move

In Music we will be learning about rhythm and pulse and pitch

In RE we will learn about the Creation Stories

In PSHE we will learn about the importance of friendship in relationships

In PE we will be learning net, wall games and dance

Please encourage us in all our learning 🙂

Autumn Term Curriculum

Our Topic is Castles!!

In Science we will learn about Materials-everyday uses and properties linked to castles.

In Geography we will be studying capital cities of the UK. Locating castles in the UK.

In History we will learn about the history of castles.

In Art we will be sketching and painting castles by night

In DT we will be making 3D models of castles

In IT we will be learning how to create digital imagery, moving pictures based on fairy tales.

In Music we will be learning about rhythm and pulse and playing singing games

In RE we will learn why it is important for Christians/Muslims to have a sense of belonging

In PE we will be attacking and defending in games and learning gymnastics

Please encourage us in all our learning 🙂

Look at what we got up to when we went back in time at Durham Castle!


The pictures below are from our trip to Albert Park in November.  We were learning about the weather associated with the different seasons. The weather that day was rainy and cold but it only added to our multi-sensory experience! The children enjoyed exploring the park and collecting some ‘Autumn Treasures’, including lots of colourful leaves.


Please click on this link to see School Year 2015_16







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