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Ways to help your child

Your children like to see their mums, dads and carers coming into school and taking an interest in what is going on.  It is certainly true that where parents and carers take an active interest and there is a good partnership between home and school, the children have a better chance of a successful education.

You can help in many ways

  • Come to school events whenever you can.
  • Talk to your children about school before they start.
  • Bring them to school and let them see it is a happy, friendly place.
  • Help your children to learn to dress themselves. Clothes which are easy to fasten can save a lot of frustration.  Help them to learn to fasten their shoes.
  •  Make sure their clothes are named. Trying to find unmarked clothes can be upsetting for the children, as well as taking teachers and children away from their work.
  • Encourage children to take responsibility for looking after their possessions.
  • Make sure your child is happy about using the toilet independently.
  • Show your child how to use a knife and fork.
  • Children will be expected to put toys, books and equipment away. You can help by encouraging them to look after their belongings at home.
  • Share books with your children on a regular basis.
  • Encourage them to count with you, help measure in the kitchen when you are cooking and develop their maths skills

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